måndag 22 september 2008

must-have applications on a newly installed windows machine

i reinstall my computers A LOT, and everytime i have to reinstall my favorite applications to be productive.

here is the list:
  • Notepad++
    i finally gave up on using gvim in windows and started using this one instead. no i find that i cant live without it. syntax highlighting for almost everything, free, and with a very small footprint. the only negative i have to say about it is that their site lookes like crap :).
  • Miranda IM
    i use both ICQ and MSN and can't stand eithers default GUI. miranda is clean, free to use and free from advertisements, have plugins for everything and can be customized to infinty.
  • putty
    for all your telnet and SSH needs on windows, putty is the way to go. i have never understood why some techies still use SecureCRT on windows.
  • Sysinternals Process Monitor
    i can never accept that things "just work". i have a craving to know why, when and how. this is the tool i always use the most from the Sysinternals Suite. a bit hard to get a hang of at first, but have a look at Mark Russinovich's webcasts on advanced malware removal and advanced windows troubleshooting on TechNet Spotlight and you will be up and running in no time! also, Mr Russinovich sometimes writes about how he uses procmon in his blog.
  • mozilla firefox
    no comments needed.
  • WinImage
    classic windows app. i use it for extracting files from iso-files.
  • Total Commander
    i use to say that this is the only program i have ever payed for. in reality, i didn't - my friends did. I got a license as a birthday present many many years a go. i grew up using norton commander in DOS and the keyboard shortcuts got stuck in my brain. i can't understand how any power user can use windows explorer to do any serious work. or the mac's horrible finder for that matter. but that is just me.
  • Virtual Drive Clone
    i don't burn DVDs or CDs if i can help it. virtual drive clone from slysoft mounts any ISO, is freeware, works in Vista 64bit and doesn't require a reboot when installed.

thats about it. the most needed apps on my computers.

other things that always gets installed sooner or later is: TightVNC, Microsoft Powershell, iTunes and VMware Workstation.

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