söndag 28 september 2008

got myself an eeepc 901!

got the linux model but just booted up into linux once to test how the keyboard felt :).

went into vlite and created a slimmed down vista ultimate cd and copied it to a usb-stick.

used the drivers on asus ftp to get (almost) all the hardware working. after lowering the page file to 200MB and turned of hibernation (open a administrator cmd and type in powercfg -h off) , I got almost 800MB free on my C-drive.

2.7 WEI-points means that i can run the aero-theme if i want. sweet. even if i prefer the windows classic theme set to best performance, as i do on xp.

i am also currently waiting on a 2GB stick of memory that i ordered.

have a feeling that though this installation works perfectly, i am going to wipe the disk soon and see if i can get osx or openbsd installed and working as nicely as vista.

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